As a buy hold investor, it’s only a matter of time until you experience a lease compliance issue. Most tenants are fantastic in resolving issues quickly, however, you may run across a few who make the process a bit more difficult. These 3 compliance issues are most commonly seen by investors.

Junk Outside

Your buildings need to have great curb appeal, even when they have renters in them. Think piles of junk outside, garbage bags that have yet to be taken to the trash bin, broke down vehicles and more. These issues can lead to permanent damage and headaches for you by creating a welcoming environment for rodents, bugs, and mold.

To avoid these situations, be sure your lease includes details about what is required of your tenant. Outline anything from garbage disposal to storage requirements and more. Many leases include that outdoors must remain clear of debris, garbage, bicycles, toys, etc. Another common clutter catcher is a balcony. Include detailed expectations for each of these items in your lease. Should push come to shove, if you have clearly outlined your expectations the lease will be on your side.

Unapproved Roommates

Tenants often move roommates in or out without notifying the landlord. This is a huge problem for landlords and opens you to risk of future issues. Without other tenants listed on the lease, you will have very limited legal rights in terms of eviction, expectations, etc.

It can be simple to resolve this situation by reminding your tenant that guests are only permitted to stay in your property for a specific period as stated in your lease. 9 times out of 10 tenants will admit that their guest is moving in and ask for paperwork to fill out an application. If your newly acquired tenant is approved, be sure to go over all the details of the lease agreement with them. If not, give them the option that the guest vacates or everyone does. Like any other compliance issue, if a tenant does not follow the rules they can be evicted. Most renters will not be willing to lose their home to have a roommate.


If your rental property is non-smoking, and you suspect your tenant is smoking, provide them with a letter to comply immediately. Smoking is a very serious issue for a landlord and can cause thousands of dollars in property damage so wrapping it up as soon as possible is important. Your tenant may try to blame a guest or friend, however, hold them accountable as they need to uphold their lease regardless of who is visiting. Follow up with a phone call to be sure the letter was received. Let them know you are scheduling someone to inspect the property to ensure the problem is fixed.

After the inspection, if there is still evidence of smoking you must decide whether to evict them or hold them liable for damages when they move out or their lease ends. Whatever you decide, remember cigarette smoke permeates everything so the sooner you resolve the situation the better.

These three tenant compliance issues are the most common we see with investment properties. What issues have you run into and how did you handle them? If you’re struggling with tenant compliance issues, Ultimate Property Investments is here to help. Contact us today!