Are you ready for a change? Maybe your financial situation needs a facelift, or you’re interested in starting a new career? When you are brand new, taking the first steps can leave your feeling overwhelmed and lost. When you don’t know where to start, start with these three tips.

Understand the Numbers

One of the biggest reasons people invest in real estate is money. To make money you need to understand the numbers behind each real estate deal. From beginning to end, numbers are going to play a large part in finding success as in investor. From the purchase price to costs of renovations or repairs, to profits or losses, numbers are present at every step of the game. You need to understand the numbers to determine your profits, losses, expenses and whether deals are valuable to invest in or not.

Determine Your Time Commitment

Before getting your feet wet you need to consider a few things. Do you plan to jump into the real estate world with both feet or will you continue working a 9-5? Are you interested in multi-family real estate, fix and flip deals or buy and hold? Determining your short and long-term goals will assist you in determining how involved you will want to be in real estate. The short and long-term goals of a full-time investor are going to look different than those of a part-time investor.

Research Your Market

Once you’ve learned about the numbers, and decided your time commitment, its time to start researching your market specifics. Look at the real estate market in your desired location. If you’re interested in fix and flip deals, but houses are not selling well in the area consider finding a different location or changing your strategy. The market is a driving factor behind profits and profits are crucial to being successful in your real estate investment business. While the research may be time consuming, it’s well worth it in the long run.

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